Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations

There’s a group of physicists and chemists who develop, construct, and present demonstrations for lectures at Harvard. Their YouTube page is absolutely fascinating. Wave and particle theory, chemical reactions, gravity; all are demonstrated by a group of guys with the nerdiest fashion sense ever.

Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations

Unintended Collaboration

This is way cool. A artist named Corrine Vionnet takes hundreds of snapshots of tourist locations found on the Internet and composites them into these ethereal images.

Photo Opportunities Project

Dr. Who Cheat Sheet

Dr. Who! Back in the dark ages, we could only get three channels at my parents’ house. One was PBS. Thus was I exposed to Dr. Who, Sesame Street, The Electric Company and, when the parents were out of town, Monty Python. The first Dr. Who I remember was the Tom Baker version (Dr. Who #4) and, until the new redheaded companion, the hottest companion was Leela. Mmmm. Leela.

Dr. Who Cheat Sheet

Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2010

...only there’s fourteen. Each photo has a link to a very hi-res version.

Top 14 Astronomy Pictures of 2010

How I Find Good New Music

Steve Martin on banjo, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, St. Vincent, Spoon, the Black Keys… As radio and MTV grow increasingly irrelevant to music, I find it harder and harder to discover new stuff. Austin City Limits is my secret weapon in the hunt for new music.

Austin City Limits Video Archive

Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2009

Yes, I’m a science nerd. The best Christmas present I ever got was a Sears 3-inch refracting telescope. I used to spend hours outside laying on my back looking at the stars and planets. I’m still fascinated by astronomy; these pictures are simply amazing.

Top Ten Astronomy Pictures

Amazing Optical Illusion

This is an optical illusion created by the same guy that made the Ames Room, Adelbert Ames, Jr. Ol’ Adelbert was quite the scientist in his day and pioneered the study of physiological optics. “What the hell is that?” you say. Well it’s the study of how our brains process visual data. It’s awesome. It’s geeky. It’s way cool bucky.

The Ames Window

You Gotta View the Videos…

I enjoy Jason Kottke’s blog immensely. He has a knack for finding interesting stuff and I love him for it. While reading a story about Teller’s (of Penn and Teller) interest in neuroscience, I found a link to a site that is filled with interesting stuff. Quirkology is the website of one Richard Wiseman, a professor of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, UK. He is fascinated by quirky things and this site is filled with studies, experiments, videos and generally cool stuff.


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