I used to play in a band on the Outer Banks that played a few fairly early ending gigs on Saturday nights. One Saturday night I got home just as the first band segment on SNL was coming on. It was Squeeze playing “Pulling Mussels from a Shell” and I thought “Holy crap, these guys are playing their asses off!.” Later they played “Annie Get Your Gun” and I was hooked. Christine and I saw them on their Babylon and On tour in Milwaukee of all places and we’ve since caught Glen Tilbrook’s solo acoustic shows a couple of times. Most recently, they’ve re-recorded a bunch of songs and I caught this on Live at the Artist’s Den on PBS.

Squeeze Live

Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations

There’s a group of physicists and chemists who develop, construct, and present demonstrations for lectures at Harvard. Their YouTube page is absolutely fascinating. Wave and particle theory, chemical reactions, gravity; all are demonstrated by a group of guys with the nerdiest fashion sense ever.

Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations

How to Open A Bag of Charcoal

Just in time for grillin’ season… here’s an article that explains the mystery that is the entwined dual string of the old school charcoal bag. The secret is in identifying the front and the back.

How to open a bag of charcoal

Unintended Collaboration

This is way cool. A artist named Corrine Vionnet takes hundreds of snapshots of tourist locations found on the Internet and composites them into these ethereal images.

Photo Opportunities Project

Dr. Who Cheat Sheet

Dr. Who! Back in the dark ages, we could only get three channels at my parents’ house. One was PBS. Thus was I exposed to Dr. Who, Sesame Street, The Electric Company and, when the parents were out of town, Monty Python. The first Dr. Who I remember was the Tom Baker version (Dr. Who #4) and, until the new redheaded companion, the hottest companion was Leela. Mmmm. Leela.

Dr. Who Cheat Sheet

Crayola Crayon Nerdery

Ever wonder what the hex code for the Brick Red crayola crayon is? Or exactly when Indian Red was changed to Chestnut? Well wonder no more. This is what Wikipedia was made for.

Crayola Crayon List

Rock Stars’ Parents

There’s a gallery on the Life website from a photographer that spent a lot of time taking photos of rock stars with their parents. I really like the Frank Zappa shot.

Rock Stars and Their Parents

Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2010

...only there’s fourteen. Each photo has a link to a very hi-res version.

Top 14 Astronomy Pictures of 2010

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