Ultimate IE 6 Cheatsheet

I hate it. But the fact remains that Internet Explorer 6 is still being used by a significant number of people. I’ve vowed to close Imp Designs to celebrate the day IE 6 market share drops below 5%, but until that happy day we’re stuck with it. Here’s a link to an awesome site filled with documentation about how to deal with this standards hostile steaming pile of $#%!!

Ultimate IE 6 Cheatsheet

Let the Countdown Begin

Soon, my long suffering friends…. soon. IE 6 is not long for this earth and personally I couldn’t be happier. The list of companies announcing an end of support for IE 6 include ExpressionEngine and 37 Signals, the makers of Basecamp. Thanks to Jerrod for pointing me to this article on the joy of coding sites after the demise of Internet Explorer 6.

10 Cool Things We’ll Be Able To Do Once IE6 Is Dead

Awesome CSS Cheat Sheet

Here’s a link to a dang handy quick reference for CSS. This version includes a visual reference to the box model and lists all selectors and properties.

CSS Cheat Sheet

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